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Tigertail Realty Miami, LLC
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Consumer Tips

Seller’s Tips – click here

Buyer’s Tips – click here

Sellers: Increase your sale price.
Property Preparation is key.

First de-clutter. Eliminate some of your belongings. Sell them, give them away, or put them in storage.
The inside and the outside of the house should be super clean, tidy, and spacious.
Spot paint and spot fix where needed.
Remove some chairs.
Remove some area rugs.
Remove the coffee table.
Remove some clothes from the closets.
Remove the knick-knacks.
Clear off the kitchen counter.
Clear off the bathroom sink area.
Paint the mailbox.
Paint the front door.
Mow the lawn.
Trim the trees.

Buyers: Save thousands.
Position yourself for a quick closing.

Have your loan pre-approval letter in hand. It’s free.
When you make an offer on a property, place a large deposit in escrow. This shows that you are very serious.
Do your inspections quickly. (Within a week is best.)
Offer a quick closing.